Infectonator 3: Apocalypse Patch Now Available

Infectonator 3 Apocalypse Patch Now Available

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Infectonator 3: Apocalypse Patch Now Available

The patch includes a variety of tweaks, modifiers, and even a casual mode developed based on community and fan feedback.
Infectonator 3: Apocalypse Patch Now Available



Toge Productions and Armor Games Studios are happy to announce the first BIG update for Infectonator 3: Apocalypse! After reading feedback and reviews from players and sourcing community responses, Toge Productions has put together a patch that includes a new casual mode, leaderboard, and difficulty options to help you enjoy the game you want to play it.

Said Toge Productions CEO and founder Kris Antoni, "As you can see from reviews, many players have had trouble with the game's difficulty curve. We have worked to put together this patch with our players to make it a better experience for everyone. We thank you for all your feedback and hope you will give the game another chance to win your heart again."

Here’s a list of the new things added with this update:

  • Casual Mode - A new game modifier for fans of the classic Infectonator. No cure and less panic. Enjoy this relaxing and therapeutic mode where you can destroy the world casually on your spare time. No modifier token is required to activate this mode.
  • Leaderboard System - You will be able to track your progress and beat your own high score! Post your score online and compete with EVERYONE to be the best in spreading infections and finishing fastest! And to make things fair, modifiers will affect your score positively or negatively.
  • Surrender Kill-Switch - Your doomsday plan fails mid game? Just flip the kill switch to cancel the apocalypse! You can quickly end your run and convert your score into exp points, then start a new apocalypse.
  • Auto-Open Body Bags - Added a toggle button to automatically open body bags
  • Bug fixes

Additionally, players can select these new modifiers to tweak their gameplay:

  • Randomized Zombie Loadout - Players are given free zombies on every attack, but Loadout are randomized every day.
  • Extra Zombie Slot – Adds an extra zombie loadout slot.
  • Reduced Zombie Capacity – Decreases zombie loadout capacity size.
  • Perfectionist Mode – You must get all humans in every attack, fail to do so 3 times and you’ll lose the game.
  • 20/20 Vision – All humans have great eyesight. Activating this modifier will increases human view distance.
  • Bootleg Support Items – All support items are weaker.
  • Region Lockdown - Regions go into Lockdown after an attack for several days.
  • Evacuation Protocol – Stages have a time limit before it automatically ends.

The developers would love to hear from players for feedback and suggestions. Leave a comment below or join our Discord channel and let us know what you think!

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