Burger King: Snowflake Cop Was Dead Wrong

Burger King: Snowflake Cop Was Dead Wrong

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Burger King: Snowflake Cop Was Dead Wrong

Burger King: Snowflake Cop Was Dead Wrong

A police officer's complaint that a burger he ordered at a Burger King in Florida came sprinkled with dirt turned out to be wrong. An investigation revealed that the cop must have mistaken a seasoning mix as dirt.

The police officer's Facebook post created an uproar on the social media with several campaigning to boycott the Burger King outlet.

"I was the Officer who was served a burger at Burger King a 4004 Cleveland Avenue in Ft Myers with dirt in it. At first I thought it was just burned bacon, I was hungry and ate the burger. At the last bite I saw dirt and grit on the burger. In disgust I threw it out the window," Fort Myers Police Officer Tim McCormick wrote on Facebook earlier this week.

However, a review of surveillance video in the kitchen from the day the officer received his food cleared the staff of wrongdoing, said Dan Fitzpatrick, CEO and Chairman of Quality Dining Inc., the franchisee that operates the fast food joint.

According to Fox News, Fitzpatrick claims he screened security footage from the kitchen and the evidence suggests that what the officer reported to be "dirt and grit" was actually just a spice mixture sprinkled on the patties.

"The officers along with the regional manager reviewed video of the cooking process the day the officer received his meal," said Fitzpatrick.


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