Motorola wins round in patent dispute against Hytera

Motorola wins round in patent dispute against Hytera

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Motorola wins round in patent dispute against Hytera

Motorola wins round in patent dispute against Hytera

Motorola Solutions  has won a round at the International Trade Commission in a patent dispute against Hytera Communications.

Judge MaryJoan McNamara is recommending an exclusion order on Hytera's two-way radios; Motorola Solutions is seeking an import ban on the products and says that Hytera lured away radio engineers in order to steal proprietary technology.

The radios in question are used at construction site, in hospitals and in school districts.

The judge found that Hytera violated four of MSI's patents, though MSI hadn't fulfilled the domestic industry requirement on one.


Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today reported that Administrative Law Judge Mary Joan McNamara of the U.S. Global Trade Commission (ITC) has issued a great Notice of Initial Determination in its examination of the patent encroachment objection documented by Motorola Solutions on March 29, 2017 against Hytera Communications Corporation Limited (SHE: 002583). In the grumbling, Motorola Solutions affirmed that Hytera is unlawfully bringing in and offering two-way radio gear and frameworks and related programming and segments that encroach four of Motorola Solutions' licenses. These licenses relate to advances vital to the task of Hytera's expert and business radio items accessible today.

The Judge's decision takes after an extensive examination that finished in seven days in length hearing with declaration from both Motorola Solutions and Hytera witnesses, several pages of preparation materials and a large number of displays. As a major aspect of the Initial Determination, Judge McNamara found that every one of the four of Motorola Solutions' licenses are legitimate, Hytera has encroached them, and Motorola Solutions met the lawful necessity of demonstrating a "specialized local industry" on three of the four licenses. Judge McNamara likewise prescribed a prohibition arrange keeping the importation of encroaching items into the United States for Motorola Solutions' U.S. Licenses No. 7,369,869, 7,729,701 and 8,279,991, and in addition a restraining request keeping the further deal and showcasing of certain encroaching items imported into the United States. A Final Determination by the ITC is booked to be issued by Nov. 6, 2018.

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