elementary OS Juno Beta 1

elementary OS Juno Beta 1

Linux Distribution

elementary OS Juno Beta 1

elementary OS Juno Beta 1

elementary OS Juno Beta 1 If you have an app published in AppCenter for Loki or would like to publish an app for Juno, this pre-release is for you!

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you read about Houston CI and enable this for your repo. Houston CI builds and tests your app against Juno and will let you know about issues even if you’re not running the Beta.

We’ll have a follow-up post shortly detailing the major changes you should know about when updating your apps, but until then you can always join the Community Slack to get help with app development.

For now, the most important changes to worry about are those to Gtk+ and Gtk.CSS in particular. If your app uses custom CSS, you’ll want to run it in the Beta to make sure it still looks as it should.

For Translators

If you’re a translator, Beta is a great time to let us know about any localization issues you’ve encountered. We’ve now officially entered a period of “string freeze,” which means that we won’t change any text in any of our apps from now until the final release of Juno. If you encounter out-of-date translation templates or strings that cannot be translated, please let us know by filing an issue against the correct repo.

As a reminder to potential translators, we do moderate translation suggestions due to past instances of vandalism. If you’ve submitted translation suggestions for a language that doesn’t appear to have a moderator, please join our Translator’s Slack and reach out to Leonardo Lemos about this.

If you’re new to translating for elementary OS, be sure to check out our Translation Guide.

Known Bugs and Regressions

Being that this is a pre-release of Beta qualitythere are plenty of known regressions and major issues left to solve before the final release. Before reporting any issues, please be aware that we are already tracking several high profile ones.

If you’re unfamiliar with filing issues against elementary OS, please review our Bug Reporting Guide. The highlights are:

  • You can use the new, fancy “Report a Problem” dialog in System Settings → About to help you find the correct repo on GitHub to report against.
  • Please search the issues list before reporting to make sure that the issue hasn’t already been reported.
  • If the issue has been reported, please don’t make comments like “I have this issue too”. Instead, use the 👍 reaction.
  • Please also avoid making comments like “Hurry up and fix this!” We’re a very small team with super limited resources, and we have tracked and prioritized issues as best we can. If an issue is super important to you and you want it fixed right away, consider placing a Bounty.

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