UK Food Regulator Trials Blockchain In Meat Processing

UK Food Regulator Trials Blockchain In Meat Processing

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UK Food Regulator Trials Blockchain In Meat Processing

  • UK Government's food safety regulator announced the first use of blockchain technology in the food sector to ensure improved transparency across the food supply chain.
  • The Food Standards Agency or FSA said it has successfully completed a pilot using blockchain technology in a cattle slaughterhouse, whose work requires a lot of inspection and collation of results.

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UK Food Regulator Trials Blockchain In Meat Processing

The UK government's sustenance wellbeing guard dog has finished a fruitful preliminary of blockchain innovation for meat examination in a production network.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has finished up a fruitful blockchain pilot following meat from a cows slaughterhouse, naming it 'the first run through blockchain has been utilized as an administrative instrument to guarantee nourishment consistence in the sustenance segment'.

The pilot included an anonymous slaughterhouse whose meat was followed on a permissioned blockchain. Information recorded on the decentralized record was available by both the FSA and the slaughterhouse as permissioned members, a public statement included.

Following the effective preliminary, FSA head of data administration Sian Thomas summed it up as an "extremely energizing advancement" in the wake of uncovering the office "imagined that blockchain innovation may increase the value of a piece of the sustenance business."





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