Shot Online Golf: World Championship's Update Brings All-New Features

Shot Online Golf: World Championship’s Update Brings All-New Features

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Shot Online Golf: World Championship’s Update Brings All-New Features

The latest update introduces an extra game mode, new items and more.

Shot Online Golf: World Championship's Update Brings All-New Features

Seoul, Korea – 29 June, 2018 – WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, has announced an update for its mobile golf game Shot Online Golf: World Championship.

Launched earlier this year, SOG:WC had its first major update last month, bringing diverse content to golfers seeking the authentic golfing experience. This time, SOG:WC has received even more additional content and various brand new items.

The latest game mode, the 3-Hole Match, allows players with limited time to take part in short games. Players can take on opponents in 3-hole matches and get extra rewards based on the results. The first to win 2 holes can receive an award immediately after victory. At the end of the 3-day season, a season reward will be given to those who participated in a 3-hole match at least 3 times. Based on the 9-hole record, rankers can receive valuable items to improve their abilities in SOG:WC .

Additionally, those who win in the betting challenge can obtain the new Fortune Box, which grants extra rewards like Club Boxes, Fitting Kit Boxes and plenty of in-game currency. The SOG:WC team has enhanced the prize for winning the betting challenge by offering a Fortune Box after each win. Winners can receive up to 4 boxes a day, and they must open each box before they can acquire another.

SOG:WC has also gained a new rental system for players who want to try out different clubs before deciding which one to purchase. Players can simply test different clubs to find out which one fits the best and return them after use. This new system gives players the chance to get a taste of higher-class clubs. The new update has also introduced Exchange Tickets, which players can obtain during play and use to claim specific items in the shop.

Finally, the Perfect Drink is now available. When this drink is used, the perfect zone marked in red on the impact bar extends to the range of the nice zone, marked in yellow. This boost will help golfers play their very best.

Golfers can download Shot online Golf: World Championship for free worldwide in the App Store ( and Google Play (

For more information on features, interested players are invited to check out the official website at:, and join the official Facebook community at:

About Shot Online Golf: World Championship
Shot Online Golf: World Championship, the mobile adaptation of the PC MMO golf game Shot Online, is a real-time, multiplayer golf game that brings an unrivalled golf experience straight to players through their mobile devices. The game features superb graphics, realistic gameplay, 1v1 real-time matches and betting challenges along with many skills and items. More information on Shot Online Golf: World Championship can be found at:

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