Feds expand data probe into Facebook

Feds expand data probe into Facebook

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Feds expand data probe into Facebook


Feds expand data probe into Facebook

A federal probe into  is expanding, The Washington Post reports, with three agencies now parsing the company's statements over data-leak dealings with Cambridge Analytica.

The FBI, SEC and Federal Trade Commission have joined the Justice Dept. in the investigation, the report says.

Emphasis has been on whether Facebook's public declarations about the scandal square with underlying facts, and whether Facebook has been complete and timely about what it's said.


Feds expand data probe A few government organizations have started an examination concerning Facebook's activities encompassing information obtained by Cambridge Analytica, and additionally the organization's open articulations in the repercussions of the subsequent outrage.

As indicated by The Washington Post, the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission have all been taking a gander at how the UK organization came to have data around a huge number of Facebook clients, and the consequent moves made and articulations made by Facebook.

"The accentuation has been on what Facebook has detailed freely about its sharing of data with Cambridge Analytica," the Post composed, refering to sources acquainted with the examination, "regardless of whether those portrayals square with the basic certainties, and whether Facebook made adequately total and auspicious exposures to people in general and financial specialists about the issue.

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