Facebook will acquire natural language tech startup

Facebook will acquire natural language tech startup

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Facebook will acquire natural language tech startup

Facebook will acquire natural language tech startup


Facebook is acquiring natural language processing startup Bloomsbury AI, according to TechCrunch sources.

Sources put the deal between $23M and $30M in a mix of cash and stock.

Bloomsbury AI’s tech helps machines answer questions based on training from documents. Facebook reportedly wants to use Bloomsbury’s team and tech to help combat fake news and other content issues.

The purchase would give Facebook an AI presence in London, Bloomsbury’s hometown.


natural language tech startup the interpersonal organization behemoth is procuring London-based Bloomsbury AI, a startup that has manufactured characteristic dialect preparing (NLP) innovation to enable machines to answer questions in view of data gathered from records. As per sources, Facebook wants to convey the organization's group and tech to deal with combatting counterfeit news and to handle other substance issues.

Bloomsbury is a graduated class of Entrepreneur First. the organization developer that puts resources into specialized and space ability and enables those people to begin organizations. The startup is likewise sponsored by Fly.VC, Seedcamp, IQ Capital, UCL Technology Fund, and the U.K. citizen financed London Co-speculation Fund.

William Tunstall-Pedoe, who was instrumental in the advancement of Amazon's AI-fueled computerized aide Alexa, is additionally a holy messenger speculator in Bloomsbury.


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