MXGP Pro – Out now in physical and digital stores!

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MXGP Pro – Out now in physical and digital stores!

For those who want to live the Motocross experience like never before!
MXGP Pro - Out now in physical and digital stores!

Watch the Launch Trailer Here:

Milan, June 29th –Milestone is proud to announce that MXGP PRO is now available in stores and on digital for PlayStation®4 at £49.99, Xbox One at £49.99 and Windows PC®/STEAM at £39.99.

MXGP PRO is a brand-new start, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding fans and relive the real spirit of Motocross. All the knowledge of the past titles of the MXGP franchise come to life in this new videogame which enhances the experience of the racing by refining the gameplay approach. The result is a videogame based on the feedback from the community and developed side by side with official riders Antonio Cairoli, Tim Gajser, and Gautier Paulin.

A unique and immersive experience which will meet the expectations of all its communityfrom the most demanding enthusiasts to the general public: you can choose the Extreme Career where all the race options are fully blocked for an extremely professional experience or you can choose the Standard Career for a game experience with fully customizable options, learning how to progress step by step until ready to face the official motocross champions. No matter who you are, if you’re a professional virtual rider or a only a 2 wheel lover, be ready to have more fun than ever!

All players who purchase MXGP PRO will have access to:

  • All official tracks, bikes, and riders from the 2017 MXGP season.
  • A new Bike Set-Up system, redefined following what Milestone’s developers call the mechanical approach that let players setup each single parameter of their bike based on real values and metrics.
  • A realistic approach to the physics, spectacular movements and a reworked system of grips, collisions and in-air behaviours.
  • More realistic riders’ movements integrated with the bike and affected by the impact on different terrains.
  • A 1 km² Compound, a training area where players can free roam or trigger races against AI and practice on two different tracks, one for Supercross and one for Motocross.
  • Innovative tutorials, a dedicated game mode for those who want to improve the custom rider’s skills focused on the main aspects of the Motocross discipline: air control, scrubs, cornering, riding in the wet, starting and braking. 


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For UK media enquiries:

Stefano Petrullo – Renaissance PR
[email protected]  +44 (0) 7828 692 315

Keith Andrew – Renaissance PR
[email protected]  +44 (0) 7834 237 322

All press materials are available in the FTP for press:


User: Press

Password: prsc2k12


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