CHILL TO ICEY Award Winning Game Made its Mark

CHILL TO ICEY Award Winning Game Made its Mark

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CHILL TO ICEY Award Winning Game Made its Mark


CHILL TO ICEY Award Winning Game Made its Mark

21st June2018 - Having already sold over 2 million copies of ICEY across all platforms, X.D. Network Inc., a leading China publisher, is excited to announce that ICEY released on Nintendo Switch worldwide on 31st May has topped the prodigious Japan Nintendo Switch charts, achieving the number one spot in under two weeks after release.


"We were pleased, surprised but also very excited to see ICEY top the Japan charts. We are now also hoping it fares well around the rest of the world. We are starting to build our profile now in the west and hope gamers will check out ICEY, and enjoy the same experiences that their fellow gamers in Japan are currently experiencing. We have had some great reviews and feedback and hope this will continue", Brandy Wu. Director of Business Development and Indie Game Publishing of X.D. Network Inc.

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Nintendo Store link:

ICEY on Nintendo Switch and is available in all Nintendo Stores worldwide. - US/store 9.99$, €8,39 EU/store UK/store £7.59, Japan/store 1000 yen


  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • In Game narrative to aid the player
  • Intuitive created controls
  • Endless skills, moves and weapons to collect
  • Slick Animation - Stylish and beautiful Settings

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Nintendo Insider
ICEY is a great, if short, game that you will most certainly remember once you have put it to rest. Its clever and interesting take on both the genre and gaming, in general, keeps the surprises coming long after you have finished it. 8/10 GREAT

IGN Benelux
ICEY is a special game that has much more to offer than it shows at first glance. The use of the narrator to convey the story and the way this escalates, can be called amazing, just like the excellent audiovisual presentation. Add this to a nice combat system that becomes more extensive and complex as ICEY progresses and you get a game that you do not encounter every day. 8/10 GREAT

Eurogamer - Portugal
ICEY tries to rise above its very humble origins and take over as another indie of choice on the Nintendo Switch and succeeds

Nintendo Life
ICEY does, however, succeed in providing quick, tight blasts of fun that’s sure to please fans of the genre that are looking for something a little different. 8/10 GREAT


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