FACT - Playing smashET Will Make You Healthier And More Productive At Work

FACT – Playing smashET Will Make You Healthier And More Productive At Work

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FACT - Playing smashET Will Make You Healthier And More Productive At Work

FACT - Playing smashET Will Make You Healthier And More Productive At Work

Winsche Studio is proud to announce its video game, smashET pre-release signup website, is life now. smashET, which is due to premier in September 2018, is 2D action-adventure featuring alien’s invasion of the earth. The player launches a monster up to the air, with the aim to hit and destroy the alien spaceship and stop the invasion. By controlling the trampoline for the monster to bounce off, the game creates a stimulating and fun environment for the player. It’s one of these games that you play once and can never stop.

The Studio decided to offer 1000 promotional codes to people who sign up, although it is only limited number, everyone will stand a chance to get their hands on this epic adventure game. The 1000 codes are assigned at random to all subscribers and the lucky winners will be notified a week before general release.

“As this game forefront design thinking was community and people, we want to ensure we do everything we can to deliver that unique experience to as many people as possible” says Adam Winsche, the founder of Winsche Studios.

The game, first time in history, features monaural beats that the user will be able to control. Whether it is awaken, happy, relax or focus stimulation, the end user will be able to select the beats to stimulate the brain. “Research shows that 15 minutes of monaural or binaural beats a day can significantly improve your well-being ” Adam adds.
TechnologyAdvice.com compiled research on effectiveness of game playing in workplace. It came very apparent that not extra cash, vacation, better working hours are the key variable that leads to improved performance, but playing games. Whether it is video games , pool, ping pond or Xbox, if employers allow team member to take a break and focus on playing activity, the percentage of effective workers will increase.
With this in mind, smashET design combines the best of both worlds. If you want to be more productive, have a sense of achievement and fun that you must give Winsche Studios’ smashET a go.
What are you still waiting for sign up to get a chance to win free copy of smashET game, go to smashET_SignMeUp. You will also be able to support this great initiative on Kickstarter and claim your free copy of the game from 02/06/2018. Please make sure you check up thais space if you want to be part of something big and make a change.

Studios is the UK-based, small game development studio delivering new experience to the gaming community. The studio is focused on creating the new standards in game design, both from visual and psychological aspects. Many people are affected in our fast paced lives and designers at Winsche want to help ease that feeling by building experiences that will help its users relax and comfort their mind. “Experience for the people”
To learn more about Winsche Studios, please visit their website.

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