TIGA publishes in-depth guide to better VR accessibility

TIGA publishes in-depth guide to better VR accessibility

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TIGA publishes in-depth guide to better VR accessibility

New report explores the opportunity and challenges in making virtual reality content available to the widest audiences possible

TIGA publishes in-depth guide to better VR accessibility

TIGA, the trade association representing the video games industry, has published a detailed new guide titled Accessibility and VR, written to help developers, studios and publishers bring virtual reality content to a broad spectrum of different users.

Authored by veteran video game accessibility specialist Ian Hamilton, the guide shares a detailed overview of the opportunities that come in making virtual reality content suitable for a diversity of users. It takes a deep dive into the challenges VR presents, exploring distinct accessibility considerations – as well as VR content creation disciplines and design elements – while offering thoughtful, practical tips on what to consider to make your content suitable for a broad range of audience members.

Topics covered include better serving those with motor and visual impairment, understanding hearing loss relative to VR, considering simulation sickness, and the reality of photosensitive epilepsy.
"The more accessible a game is, the better for the user and the greater the potential success for the creators and the wider industry," said Dr Richard Wilson OBE, TIGA CEO. "The more people that are able to play games, the more the benefits of gaming can reach every corner of society. Virtual reality, of course, presents many challenges for content creators, regardless of the individual requirements of any given user.
"Ensuring accessibility when shaping VR content will make a better experience for every kind of player. VR offers unique challenges and opportunities and we are thrilled to share Ian's insights with all our members, and help them maximise the potential reach of their games. I would like to thank Ian for writing this report."

The Accessibility and VR guide is now available for free to all TIGA members. Contact Suzi Stephenson at: [email protected]  TIGA offers this edited version of a piece originally authored by Ian for his own website.


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TIGA publishes in-depth guide to better VR accessibility 5

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