The Lords of Midnight finally gets its novel...

The Lords of Midnight finally gets its novel…

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The Lords of Midnight finally gets its novel…

The Lords of Midnight finally gets its novel...

June 19th 2018 – Novelisation of The Lords of Midnight.

In 1984 with the release of The Lords of Midnight on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, publisher Beyond Software promised the prize of the novelisation of the gameplay of the first person to offer proof of completing the groundbreaking game. Unfortunately the speed in which the first person completed the game took them by surprise and the novel never happened. The games designer and developer Mike Singleton offered to write the novel himself, but his work schedule made the project prohibitive.

To reintroduce The Lords of Midnight to a new audience, Chris Wild the current custodian of the game, and the Singleton estate wanted to finally release a novel based on the game’s original lore and innovative ideas. To do full justice to Mike’s memory, they offered the job to best-selling novelist Drew Wagar already widely acclaimed for his Elite: Dangerous tie-in novels, Reclamation and Premonition. As a long-time fan of the game, Wagar accepted the challenge.

Wild, a long term Lords of Midnight aficionado and developer of the remake, has assisted with the development of the novel in a consultancy capacity, helping Drew to navigate the lore of the saga.

The result, an epic fantasy adventure and the first book of the Chronicles of Midnight will be published by Fantastic Books Publishing. Released as eBook to the world on the 2018 Summer Solstice with the Paperback officially launched at FantastiCon 2018 in September.

‘The book is an absolute belter of a fantasy novel. It will appeal to fantasy fans across the board,’ says Dan Grubb, CEO of Fantastic Books Publishing. ‘We were delighted that Drew agreed to write another tie-in and were proud to publish it.’

The magical land of Midnight was cursed into eternal winter many hundreds of years ago. The survivors battle hardship, famine and war; even beating back the Witchking in a battle that lives on in legend. But now at the Winter Solstice, not even the combined might of the Free Lords of Midnight and the Fey of the Forest can resist. Their only hope rests in ancient lore, but so much has been lost that the quest seems hopeless.

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