Apple confirms hiring Waymo senior engineer


Apple confirms hiring Waymo senior engineer

Apple has procured a senior designer for Alphabet's  Waymo.

Apple affirmed a report by The Information and conceded procuring Jaime Waydo, a frameworks build at Alphabet's self-driving vehicle unit.

At Waymo, Waydo chose when to expel human wellbeing drivers from the test armada.

Prior to working at Waymo, Waydo was a senior engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for more than a decade, where she helped develop a rover vehicle that has driven on Mars.

The Information speculates that Apple's hiring of Waydo could indicate that it is making progress towards launching a prototype vehicle, but the report also says that the car project continues to suffer from a "lack of communication among teams."

Apple originally had ambitious self-driving vehicle plans that included a full autonomous vehicle, but those plans were scaled back and Apple shifted focus to autonomous driving software. Apple has been testing Lexus vehicles equipped with its autonomous driving software since April 2017.


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