Renault makes bigger EV push

Renault makes bigger EV push

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Renault makes bigger EV push


Renault makes bigger EV push

bigger EV push Renault  plans to make a €1B interest in France to support electric vehicle generation.

The automaker says its plant in Flins will twofold creation of the Zoe subcompact EV as a component of the extension.

"The speeding up of our interests in France for electric vehicles will expand the intensity and allure of our French mechanical destinations," says Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn. "Inside the system of its Drive the Future key arrangement and with the Alliance, Groupe Renault is giving itself the way to keep up its administration in the electric vehicle advertise and to keep on developing new reasonable portability answers for all," he includes

bigger EV push

The current generation of the Twingo and Smart models share the same platform, and as we know, Smart is already selling electric versions with Renault technology, such as the electric powertrain.

Furthermore, later this year, or at worst early 2018, a new 22 kW internal charger made by Renault will be available – as an option – for the electric Smart cars and I think this is the final piece of the development puzzle needed to launch an electric Twingo. While this internal charger will remain as an option to the Smart electric cars, Renault will definitely make it standard in the Twingo ZE.

Regarding the battery, it’s still too early to tell, but if I had to guess I would say that it will probably be half of the Zoe’s battery. This means that instead of the 96s2p configuration, the Renault Twingo ZE should go for the 96s1p (all cells connected in series, none in parallel) configuration. With a roughly 20,5 kWh battery, a 22 kW internal charger and rear-wheel drive, the Renault Twingo ZE would be perfect for the city environment and carsharing companies would buy them in droves.


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