Amazon competitor embraces AWS

Amazon competitor embraces AWS

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Amazon competitor embraces AWS


Amazon competitor embraces AWS

embraces AWS Amazon Web Services announces that online retailer Zulily moved its infrastructure to AWS.

Zulily moved its business critical workloads including its store, mobile app, and supply chain. Many of the ecommerce company’s core production databases were upgraded to Amazon Aurora.

Zulily attracts more than 6.1M active customers to its ecommerce platform, which competes with Amazon.


Even some of Amazon's most direct competitors — like Netflix NFLX , which competes with Amazon on video streaming — use Amazon's cloud, Andrew Jassy, the CEO of Amazon AMZN Web Services (AWS), told CNBC's Jon Fortt on " Squawk Alley " on Wednesday.

"The vast majority of media companies are using AWS," Jassy said.

"Netflix, despite the fact that they compete very aggressively with Prime Video on the Amazon side, they run everything on top of AWS and have for several years — same with Disney, Warner, Fox, HBO and Turner, they all run on AWS. So what they care about is they want the broadest selection of services so they can continue to innovate for their customers."

As the head of Amazon's cloud division— the dominant cloud services provider in the industry



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