Crypto at a glance Bitmain IPO

Crypto at a glance Bitmain IPO

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Crypto at a glance Bitmain IPO

Crypto at a glance Bitmain IPO


Bitmain IPO  Bitmain Technologies' Jihan Wu told Bloomberg he's open to a listing in Hong Kong or an overseas market with U.S. dollar-denominated shares

Bitmain IPO


An IPO would boost Bitmain's profile as the company branches out into areas including artificial intelligence. If applying a multiple similar to Nvidia's and MediaTek's, Bitmain would have a company evaluation at about $8.8B.


As per the report today in Bloomberg, 32-year-old CEO Jihan Wu is contemplating the possibility of a posting for the Beijing-based organization - which up to this point had been exceptionally undercover about its esteem and money related plans.

Established by Wu and Micree Zhan, the organization has turned out to be amazingly gainful - recording a $2.5bn income a year ago, and has turned out to be acclaimed for its intense Antminer scope of ASIC digital currency mineworkers (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits: chips planned particularly for crpytocurrency mining).

With Wu guaranteeing the organization to be worth $12bn, Bloomberg assessed a valuation of near $9bn in view of examinations with other publically exchanged non-crypto chipmakers, for example, Nvidia. Despite the fact that it is indistinct whether financial specialists would see an organization in the crypto advertise similarly - a figure in that ballpark doesn't appear to be nonsensical given Bitmain's noteworthy figures.

While Wu said that he had no particular goals for a posting right now, the report does recommends that the CEO is warming to the possibility of an IPO as the organization extends its tasks past the digital currency field. With the organization seeking after endeavors into computerized reasoning, he commented:


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