‘AR Smash Tanks!’ – Out Now on the App Store

AR Smash Tanks! – Out Now on the App Store

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AR Smash Tanks! – Out Now on the App Store



‘AR Smash Tanks!’ – Out Now on the App Store

AR Smash Tanks! Apple announced new Mulit-player AR functionality this week in ARKit 2.0 but you can try live multiplayer Augmented Reality (AR) right now thanks to Dumpling Design’s awesome ‘AR Smash Tanks’.

Travis Ryan, Designer at Dumpling, said “We set out to create a new type of board game, inspired by the games I play with my kids. Augmented Reality allowed us to recapture that same shared fun and supercharge it with the thrills of modern videogames to create an explosive new board game experience, with no pieces to clear up afterwards!”

So, while we have already managed to create a fun, two player, experience using the current ARKit, we can’t wait to see what we can do with ARKit 2.0”
AR Smash Tanks plays like a mash-up of Pool and Jenga! In the game two players take turns to slingshot their trio of tanks into enemy territory to take out their opponent, topple towers or grab devastating weapons. What really makes AR Smash Tanks! a must-play is its brilliant use of AR. AR can turn anywhere into a battlefield, with tiny tanks waging war across your living room, kitchen or even yard! You’ll quickly find yourself getting up close and moving around the augmented action to line up those tricks-shots.

AR Smash Tanks! is the first Augmented Reality (AR) game from Dumpling (Design Ltd). Developed with ARKit, utilizing two devices two players can connect and compete directly on a shared Augmented Reality board, or enjoy pass-and-play multiplayer with one device.

Media Inquiries – for interviews and review codes please contact:
Travis Ryan, Dumpling | [email protected] |

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AR Smash Tanks! is available on the App Store for iPhone* and iPad for $1.99, £1.99 and 2.29€.
*Compatible iOS devices: iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus, 6c and 6s Plus, SE. iPad (2017, 9.7) and iPad Pro (12.9 and 10.5)

About Dumpling (Design Ltd)
Founded by Travis Ryan on the belief that ‘everyone has an arcade in their pocket’, Dumpling (Design Ltd) is an independent UK developer creating pioneering arcade experiences with a popular touch. An award winning Game Designer and Director, Travis helped create popular arcade titles with SEGA and Microsoft, including OutRun2Sonic & SEGA All-Stars series and Kinect Sports.
http://www.dumplingdesign.com   @dumplingdesign






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