The Commission: OC Announces Closed Beta Testing

The Commission: OC Announces Closed Beta Testing

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The Commission: OC Announces Closed Beta Testing

Closed Beta Testing has started for The Commission: OC.

The Commission: OC Announces Closed Beta Testing
302 Interactive is excited to announce that they have started Closed Beta Testing for their game, The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy. The game is a turn-based simulation that offers players to experience the era that defined organized crime in the United States.

Player’s can live as a Don of a mafia family and manage internal politics while balancing political and family influences to establish control of contested territories.

302 Interactive drew inspiration from previous organized crime games and the grand strategy genre. As a Don you get involved in the rackets that defined the Prohibition era, manage internal politics within your family, balance political and family influences to control territories.

Joseph Hazera, Producer on The Commission says, “For quite some time, we here at 302 Interactive have been hard at work putting together a game that explores the heyday of the American Mafia and Mobster families. Using games such as Gangsters: Organized Crime, and similar titles made in the late ‘90s, as inspiration to create something that allows players to manage themselves in a uniquely crafted criminal underworld has been a very interesting experience for us, along with an abundance of mafia jokes.

I’m very pleased to announce that 302’s latest game project, ‘The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy’, has entered beta testing, and therefore we are looking for a healthy amount of feedback from the grand strategy player base. If you enjoy leading your own mafia family in the behind-the-scenes madness of a densely populated city, please take the time to check out the game.”

The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy Beta Testing has started this week and will continue until the end of June. Two-Thirty AM will be publishing the game on steam this summer.


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