Innovation Momentum Soars at COMPUTEX as InnoVEX Explores Infinite Possibilities for Industry

Innovation Momentum Soars at COMPUTEX as InnoVEX Explores Infinite Possibilities for Industry

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Innovation Momentum Soars at COMPUTEX as InnoVEX Explores Infinite Possibilities for Industry


Innovation Momentum Soars at COMPUTEX as InnoVEX Explores Infinite Possibilities for Industry

nnoVEX, one of the key exhibition areas of COMPUTEX, kicked off today at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3, with Taiwan Premier William Lai and TAITRA Chairman James Huang among the VIP guests of the opening ceremony. As Asia’s leading innovation platform, InnoVEX registered a record high of 388 exhibitors from 21 countries this year, attracting 40% more startups, VCs and accelerators as compared to last year. InnoVEX offers a variety of events this year, including "Display", "Forum", "Pitch", "Demo", "Workshop", and "Startup Tour". The three-day event facilitates a platform where startups and entrepreneur network, share, and exchange ideas, setting to deliver an amazing experience for all.

Premier Lai indicated, “The rise of the digital economy has driven the development of new global industries. Since InnoVEX debut at COMPUTEX in 2016, it has quickly turned into the best platform for startups to launch new technologies and seek funds, attracting a large number of buyers worldwide. The Executive Yuan also attaches great importance to startup developments, and promotes action plans to support their developments. In order to assist startups get through the lack of funds in the early stages, the National Development Council has specially compiled a 100 billion fund and providing a friendly environment to allow room for further growth. In addition, the government is also committed to becoming a good partner for startups and has been actively promoting Taiwan startups to the international arena. InnvoVEX is an important link between Taiwan and the international community. We will use this platform to further assist the development of global emerging technologies and digital economy."

Premier Lai visited the exhibition area after the opening ceremony of InnoVEX including the booths of Taiwan Tech Arena, Taiwan Startup Springboard, TYC, Startup Exposition @Startup Terrace and XR EXPRESS TW, interacting with the startup teams.

At country pavilions of Spain and the Netherlands, Premier Lai was impressed with the outstanding innovations and applications coming from around the world. He also visited BMW’s lightweight sports cars, and the booths of Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) and Taipei City. He spoke highly of IDB’s efforts in helping commercialize innovations and building a platform for IoT integration. He also welcomed the international startup teams featured at Global Startups Talents @ Taipei.

InnoVEX: a complete package of showcases, network and business matchmakings, provides startups a diversified platform

InnoVEX tailored the Pi Stage for startups, a platform where companies, organizations, and startup teams demonstrate and interact in a free manner. As the platform stimulates technological exchanges, it also opens up more incubation opportunities. Start from today (June 6th), world-renowned accelerators and VC firms like Audi, Amazon Launchpad, JAFCO, Samsung Next, TRIPLE and imec.xpand will all share their global initiatives and cross-border matchmaking strategies.

InnoVEX exhibit not only creates a unique global innovation and industry exchange platform, but also sparks innumerable cooperation. TAITRA will organize the InnoVEX Roundtable Conference on June 7, inviting a total of 20 international buyers, entrepreneurs, accelerators such as Garage+ from Taiwan, Amazon Launchpad and 500 Startups from the US, Telefonica of Spain, and JAFCO Asia of Japan to participate. They will share their services, industry experiences, and explore how global startups are making good use of Taiwan’s complete ICT industry chain to create a new generation of symbiotic global startup ecosystem.

The InnoVEX exhibit of COMPUTEX 2018 opens to visitors at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3 from June 6-8. In addition to Taiwan-based exhibitors, the event also features 13 country pavilions, including Belgium, Canada, EU, France, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, the Philippines, Poland, and Singapore. The convergence of the world’s innovative resources is set to bring new sparks.

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