Millennial Esports Welcomes Supreme Court Decision to Strike Down PASPA

Millennial Esports Welcomes Supreme Court Decision to Strike Down PASPA


Millennial Esports Welcomes Supreme Court Decision to Strike Down PASPA


Millennial Esports Welcomes Supreme Court Decision to Strike Down PASPA

 Millennial Esports Corp. ("Millennial" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:GAME) (OTCQB:MLLLF), a mobile video game publisher focused on Esports and Racing, today announced that, in response to Monday’s decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to strike down Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), it is exploring opportunities to leverage its current assets in relation to legalized Esports betting. With some states expected to legalize sports betting within the next three weeks, and several considering including Esports in their new legislation, Millennial is well positioned to provide immediate solutions to the fledgling industry through assets including Eden Games and the Millennial Tournament Platform.

“The push towards legalized Esports betting has been building for some time and the Supreme Court decision is potentially the tipping point, with individual states now able to make their own rules regarding sports betting, including the option of legalizing Esports betting,” said Millennial Esports CEO, Alex Igelman, a long-time gaming lawyer who has reviewed the decision in detail. “This presents an incredible opportunity for Millennial as we have a number of assets that can provide real value and innovation to what will in effect be a new industry – having only previously existed, for all intents and purposes, in Nevada. The fact that we already own these assets and can quickly deploy them in support of Esports betting initiatives is also significant considering the speed with which this is predicted to happen.”

Eden Games

Since acquiring Eden Games in January of this year, Millennial has been pursuing a global competition strategy to drive downloads of the developer’s mobile racing game, Gear.Club. In that time, Millennial has brought a number of innovations to market, including a competition to drive an F1 car, and the recently concluded contest for a test drive in a LeMans car. Gear.Club was also among the first adopters of Amazon’s new GameOn tournament platform, which provides gamers with the opportunity to win prizes fulfilled by Amazon. Millennial’s most recent innovation in Esports racing is cash prize tournaments held every Thursday-Sunday at the Arena, the company’s purpose built Las Vegas Esports Arena. With cash prizes on the line, competitors race against each other in specially constructed Gear.Club simulators.

“We’ve been experiencing strong early success with our Gear.Club tournament model and you could say that Esports betting is really the next step in a natural evolution,” said Darren Cox, CMO, Millennial Esports. “We’ve already demonstrated the similarities between real world racing and Esports racing with World’s Fastest Gamer. An Esports racing championship that mirrors Indycar or F1 and could include the option of wagering is definitely within the realm of possibility.”

Millennial Esports Tournament Platform

The innovative, secure, and proprietary Millennial tournament platform has been built with the capability to facilitate wagers, providing a turnkey solution to entities looking to establish a Esports wagering platform.

“The possibility of legalized Esports betting in states across America is really quite exciting because it will give us a chance to really make the most of this platform,” said Adam Morrison, Chief Technology Officer, Millennial Esports. “While the system until know had been used only for in-game wagering, it was built with a much more robust application in mind, which is why we put such emphasis on making it secure.”

On top of working feverishly to prepare all relevant assets for the presumed soon to be legalization of sports betting at the State level, Millennial Esports also intends to leverage its Blockchain Advisory Board and work with regulators to explore potential opportunities to leverage blockchain technology in the implementation and management of widespread legalized sports and Esports betting.

About Millennial Esports Corp.

Millennial Esports Corp. (MEC) is a vertically integrated mobile gaming publisher leading a revolution to fuse esports racing and professional motorsport through a global competition model. MEC is utilizing its gaming franchises and IP to engage millions of new players. Combined with its virtual and live tournament platforms, gaming analytics capability, and motorsport IP - including World’s Fastest Gamer - MEC is uniquely positioned to become the market leader in Esport Racing.

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