Q4OS 2.5 Scorpion, stable

Q4OS 2.5 Scorpion, stable

Linux Distribution

Q4OS 2.5 Scorpion, stable

Q4OS 2.5 Scorpion, stable


A noteworthy refresh to the 2 Scorpion stable LTS is promptly accessible for download. The new 2.5 arrangement brings a basic change adding KDE Plasma to be an equivalent alternative to the Trinity work area, as Q4OS is currently pre-designed for the two work areas to exist together close by each other. Framework installer arranges the framework the standard way, yet chooses a short time later to offer extra establishment of the KDE Plasma work area, if adequate equipment assets identified. So a client can login and switch forward and back between lightweight effective Trinity work area and further developed KDE Plasma work area condition as indicated by his decision.

Different changes incorporate PulseAudio better framework reconciliation for simpler sound administration, Q4OS installer enhancements, Firefox 60 and LibreOffice 6 installers, essential security and bug settles and in addition total redesign covering all progressions since the past Q4OS 2 Scorpion stable discharge.

Q4OS Scorpion depends on Debian 9 Stretch highlighting the Trinity 14.0.5 and KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS work area conditions, it is accessible for 64bit and 32bit/i686pae PCs, and in addition i386 frameworks without PAE augmentation. Q4OS offers its own particular select utilities and highlights, particularly the ‘Work area profiler’ application for profiling your PC into various expert working apparatuses, ‘Setup’ utility for smooth establishment of outsider applications, an ‘Appreciated Screen’ with a few coordinated easy routes to make framework design less demanding for learner clients, LXQT, XFCE, Cinnamon and LXDE elective situations establishment alternatives and some more. You can download establishment media pictures from the Downloads segment of the Q4OS site.

Downloadq4os-2.5-x64.r1.iso (570MB, MD5pkglist).


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