Explore Perfect World's First Mobile Sandbox MMORPG at E3 2018 

Explore Perfect World’s First Mobile Sandbox MMORPG at E3 2018 

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Explore Perfect World’s First Mobile Sandbox MMORPG at E3 2018

ReEvolve challenges players with exploration, creation, and evolution in an open world setting

Explore Perfect World's First Mobile Sandbox MMORPG at E3 2018 

Redwood City, California – June 1st, 2018 – If you’re looking for an adventure at this year’s E3, then you’re in luck-Perfect World has you covered with their exciting new mobile offerings, which they’ll be showcasing in the Concourse at E3 2018. Visitors will be able to check out their new mobile sandbox MMO, ReEvolve, and their new battle royale game, FarSide, both of which will be featured at Concourse Hall #8609.

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About ReEvolve
The future is upon us, and things aren’t looking too good for the human race. War, plague, and evil have brought humanity to the brink of extinction, with one thing standing in the way of total annihilation-time travel. ReEvolve charges players with an important task: use the future’s space-time tunneling technology to past eras and other planets in order to build a newer, brighter future. Will your contributions have you following The Shepherd, the human organization determined to set history right? Or will you be drawn to the corrupting, Cthulu-worshipping forces of The Piper? Use your M.P.D., a gun that can absorb everything from bosses to wild animals, to craft the world of your choosing.

With ReEvolve‘s stunning mobile gameplay, rich interpersonal interactions, and vastly detailed open world format, the future is quite literally in your hands. The game features an immersive, real-world environment, replete with a range of different ecosystems, a day and night cycle, changing weather, and realistic animal behaviors including food chains and migration. The game also features a a mechanism that allows players to craft new items and buildings with the natural resources they’ve obtained. Players can build and maintain their own bases on the map, on which they can build houses, plant crops, breed animals, and construct defenses against hostile neighbors. The game offers both a PvE mode-in which players battle against wild monsters-and a PvP mode, which includes both a Team Death Match and a Solo PvP.

About FarSide
Battle for your life in FarSide, Perfect World’s thrilling new battle royale game. Players find themselves skydiving into the FarSide Arena, where they must track down weapons, vehicles, and survival equipment in order to achieve victory. As the battle continues, the arena will shrink, forcing players to confront each other in a knock-down-drag-out final battle.

Some of FarSide‘s features include:

  • Unlimited use of vehicles, allowing players to move quickly through the arena and evacuate dangerous areas
  • Real recoil and parabolic ballistic shooting, making FarSide a truly tactical competition
  • A vast, immersive arena for players to explore and conquer
  • A variety of skills to master, including firearms, driving, swimming, and nature, which players can use to outwit and outlast their opponents

About Perfect World
Perfect World Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “Perfect World”), is China’s largest movie and game conglomerate. Its businesses consist of two main sectors which are Perfect World Games and Perfect World Pictures. As China’s earliest online game company with overseas operations, Perfect World Games ranked first in terms of overseas revenues of online games for many consecutive years against other Chinese rivals. The company has exported its products to more than 100 countries and regions, and set up a global operational platform. Perfect World Pictures reaped outstanding results by its excellent works with almost 600 episodes of TV series every year. Its popular TV series account for over 10% of prime time show in China. Perfect World has been voted the China Top 30 Cultural Enterprises for six years between 2011 and 2017. In 2016, Perfect World was awarded the title of “Most Socially Responsible Listed Company.”

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