AT&T Midwest dispute

AT&T Midwest dispute leads to 300-worker strike

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AT&T Midwest dispute leads to 300-worker strike

AT&T Midwest dispute

AT&T Midwest dispute A Midwest work debate at AT&T  has swelled into a little walk out in Dayton, Ohio, with 300 specialists going on strike today.

The laborers are spoken to by the Communications Workers of America, which has been in talks since March for the benefit of 14,000 specialists in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin alongside an across the nation Legacy T contract.

CWA says the organization's been dishonorably endeavoring to arrange straightforwardly with specialists through email instead of all in all.

AT&T's Marty Richer says subsequent to giving the association a last offer at the dealing table, "we conveyed them to our workers, as allowed by law."

AT&T Midwest dispute

CWA's Jeff Mitchell says the strike "could be uncertain."

Jeff Mitchell, the chief steward with CWA Local 4322, said the walkout is over unfair labor practices by the company. He said AT&T has been trying to negotiate with workers directly through email communications.

Mitchell claims the company is stalling during negotiations taking place in Chicago, but AT&T spokesman Marty Richer said the company will “continue to discuss with the union.”

“After over 10 weeks of negotiations, we presented the union with a final offer with a goal of bringing this process to a close and reaching fair agreement for our employees,” Richter said via email. “After we presented terms to the union at the bargaining table, we communicated them to our employees, as permitted by law


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