The Chiptunes of Alwa’s Awakening Now Available On The NES

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The Chiptunes of Alwa’s Awakening Now Available On The NES


Hit metroidvania Alwa’s Awakening (out now on Steam, coming to Switch this summer) will be getting a special treatment just for its soundtrack: the game’s fantastic chiptunes will be printed to custom NES cartridges, and are available for purchase at

Produced in partnership with Mega Cat Games, these gorgeous, custom cartridges are styled after the game’s art and feature all of composer Robert Kreese’s twenty five songs from Alwa’s Awakening, from “Amber Sacellum” to “Tomb of Closkey.”

This authentic cartridge requires a Nintendo Entertainment System or equivalent hardware to play! The hand-crafted limited edition release is available here. Both play in all original Nintendo hardware.

“This is the third batch of our NES soundtrack but the first one that’s been professionally made. We are so glad to have found Mega Cat Studios that can produce high quality NES cartridges for us. The days when we made them ourselves in the kitchen at home are finally over.” – Mikael Forslind, CEO, Elden Pixels

1. Theme of Alwa

2. Intro

3. Forsaken Valley

4. Town of Westwood

5. Amber Sacellum

6. Nested Agitator

7. Central Alwa

8. Gloom Lake

9. Shrine of Barum

10. Sea Monk

11. Void Tower

12. Crimson Guardian

13. Sacellum Depths

14. Underground Chamber

15. Undead Abyss

16. Withered Passage

17. Solstice Mountain

18. Darkmoon Village

19. The Beholder

20. Altar of the Soulless

21. Vicar

22. Lost Cemetery

23. Tomb of Closkey

24. Game Over

25. Credits

Contact: [email protected]

Alwa’s Awakening Trailer:

About Mega Cat Studios

Founded in 20XX, Mega Cat Studios is a small developer with a lot of heart, and one goal: to keep the dream of gaming- the dream we remember from the days of youth- alive and well. Whether we’re building a high tech VR title or an NES games, cartridge and all, our name is a stamp of quality on everything we produce.


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