Mars or Die! – Launching on Steam on 13th July 2018

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Mars or Die! – Launching on Steam on 13th July 2018


Mars or Die! - Launching on Steam on 13th July 2018


Mars, or Die! Red is the color of conquest – the Supreme Leader calls!

Mars or Die mixes key elements from tower defense and roguelite games, generating a strategic combo of tactical planning, execution and reflexes unique to the genre. Two intrepid explorers are sent on Mars by their Supremely Illuminated Leader, in order to expand their regime to the stars. It is designed to afford exploration and bubble-like base building, resisting hordes of red martians – all in honour of the Supremely Illuminated Leader! –

Ready to ship on Steam on 13th July 2018! Nintendo Switch will follow soon.


•    Action Packed – Switch between our two characters for some fast dual stick action
•    Challenging – Gather -> Build -> Explore -> Fight -> Upgrade. None of these steps is easy!
•    Long lasting mission mode – Excel with primary and secondary objectives in 9 missions
•    Endless Mode – Try your best strategy against the endless hordes. Usually just a gimmick to add “cheap” content, Endless Mode is where Mars or Die really shines!
•    Humor – Follow religiously the incoherent babbling of your Glorious Leader!
•    Upgrades! – Upgrade every structure, character or support feature to last even longer!

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About 34BigThings
Est. 2013, 34BigThings is one of the biggest independent game studios in Italy. Born out of sheer passion and self-sustained throughout, it’s a variegated group of game developers making games they love in a laid-back working environment. Having worked on a plethora of external projects, they released their own titles Hyperdrive Massacre (Steam/XB1) and Redout (Steam/XB1/PS4). Super Inefficient Golf is their third game on Steam.

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