Linux Lite 4.0 Final is now available

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Linux Lite 4.0 Final is now available


This release marks the beginning of Series 4.x Codename Diamond.

 Download (MD5): linux-lite-4.0-64bit.iso (1,349MB, torrent, pkglist). Also available from OSDisc

The main changes in Linux Lite Series 4.x include a new icon and system theme, Timeshift for system backups, Shotwell to manage and perform basic edits on images, MenuLibre to manage menu entries, new Lite applications including Lite Desktop that manages common icons on the Desktop, Lite Sounds to manage system wide sounds, and many of our existing applications have been updated.

See below for all the changes:

- Minimum recommended specs have been raised slightly to more realistic levels (RAM, CPU).
- There are no more 32bit ISO releases. If you still require a 32bit OS due to hardware limitations, Series 3.x is supported through to April 2021.
- XFCE Pulseaudio plugin, has been added to the system tray for highly customizable options regarding volume management.
- Full disk encryption now replaces home encryption in the installer (an Ubuntu implementation).
- The new boot splash also shows you the password field in GUI for encrypted partitions.
- Ubuntu no longer offers an opportunity to set a swap partition. A swap file is now automatically created for you which is a maximum of 2gb or 5% of free disk space (an Ubuntu implementation).
- Compositing is now enabled out-of-the-box.

New Theme (Adapta) and Icon (Papirus) sets.

Faenza icons were dropped as it had not been maintained in some time (albeit there is a fork) and the same for the Arc theme, development seems to have stalled there. Most of our approach to theming in Series 4.x follows the popular Flat design focus. We also now use the Openzone mouse theme.

Language Support - Is improved in this Series. You should get most Menu items in your native language if that is what you chose during the install. Menu items that are not in your native language were either modified by us to give a clearer description, or are Linux Lite applications (slated for translation Series 5.x). You still may need to configure your keyboard post-install. Feedback on this improvement is welcome. I think we've reached a good balance by keeping our legendary fast install process, and offering language support ootb post-install.

Lite Desktop

Lite Desktop is a convenient way for you to get to frequently accessed locations on your computer.

Download (MD5)linux-lite-4.0-64bit.iso (1,349MB, torrentpkglist). Also available from OSDisc

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