“Bloodborne 2” Confirmed

5: “Bloodborne 2” Confirmed

5: “Bloodborne 2” Confirmed


5: “Bloodborne 2” Confirmed

Bloodborne 2” Confirmed Ever since FromSoftware uploaded that “Shadows Die Twice” video, the Internet’s rumor mill has been hard at work, claiming it either is or isn’t a teaser for “Bloodborne 2”. Even if this video hadn’t been released, we’d still think that “Bloodborne 2” will be revealed at Sony’s briefing this year, given the success of the first game.



It’s been three years since “Bloodborne” was released, and it was recently a free game for PlayStation Plus. Other than the game’s age, why else would Sony make it a free game other than to get the hype train going when the sequel is officially announced.



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