Global launch of the new mobile strategy game: Football Empire

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Global launch of the new mobile strategy game: Football Empire


Global launch of the new mobile strategy game: Football Empire
Cologne, 30th May 2018 – The Cologne-based development studio Digamore Entertainment is excited to announce the worldwide launch of their new Game: Football Empire!

Football Empire – Your Team. Your Club. Your Empire.

The mobile strategy game invites players from all over the world to play a unique mix of football manager and building strategy game, giving all soccer fans new opportunities for soccer simulation. Top coach Jürgen Klopp is the brand ambassador for Football Empire and will guide players into the fascination of football.

“I loved the idea of the game right from the beginning. I know what it means to start out on the football ground and work your way up to the top of professional soccer. That’s pretty much my own story.” – Jürgen Klopp

Within the game, the team’s club grounds form the starting point for all activities. The entire property can be designed freely, like in strategy games or development simulations.

Football Empire – Now available on the App Store® and Google Play™.

About Digamore Entertainment GmbH
Digamore Entertainment GmbH was founded in 2016 by Maik Dokter, with the goal of developing high quality mobile games. The name Digamore stands for Digital Games & More, where the word “more” foresees being adaptable in a rapidly changing ecosystem. Today the experienced team of 17 colleagues from Cologne (Germany), reached the first big milestone of the company’s young history with Football Empire.


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