Melco partners with Garena to bring eSports to Macau

Melco partners with Garena to bring eSports to Macau


Melco partners with Garena to bring eSports to Macau


Melco partners with Garena to bring eSports to Macau

MACAU, April 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Melco Resorts & Entertainment (MLCO) (“Melco”), has partnered with digital entertainment platform Garena to host the 2018 League of Legends Master Series (LMS) Spring Final at Studio City Macau. Realizing Melco’s mission to shape the future of entertainment, the LMS tournament was held in Macau yesterday for the first time as one of the enclave’s largest eSports events before an audience of 2,000.

Mr. Geoff Andres, Property President of Studio City Macau at Melco Resorts & Entertainment said, “We are always looking for fresh ideas to diversify the entertainment experience offered to our guests. In recent years, we have kept a close track of the increasing demand in Asia for new and unique tech-based entertainment, where eSports is now a fast-growing and major segment. We are excited by this partnership with Garena to bring the Legends Master Series Spring Final to Macau for the first time, where the event has raised the bar for destination sporting events in Cotai. In the mid-term, we look forward to further introducing highly innovative entertainment events to our customers in Macau as well as to tourists from around the region.”

Ben Lee, LMS eSports Manager of Garena, said, “League of Legends Master Series (LMS) is the highest level professional eSports tournament of the largest scale in TaiwanHong Kong and Macau, though the past Spring and Summer finals were held only in Taiwan. We are grateful for the support offered from Studio City, allowing us to bring eSports closer to Macau’s enthusiasts. We hope the audience enjoyed the first-hand experience of the event; feeling the power and energy of eSports through the dynamic interactions between opposing teams. We look forward to the future development of eSports in Macau, as players continue to participate and pursue dreams to shine on the world stage.”

In recent years, eSports has emerged as a global phenomenon with rapid market growth and viewership. China accounts for over half of the global eSports audience, with the majority being aged 30 or below, an audience group which has generally been less represented in Macau’s tourism demographics. A diversified revenue stream encompassing media rights, advertising, publisher fees, sponsorship and ticketing further enhance market opportunities for eSports. Melco’s partnership with Garena is an example of how Macau continues to evolve as a multifaceted tourist destination in Asia.


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