Juicy Realm (PC) - A Tasty Treat Going Down Nicely

Juicy Realm (PC) – A Tasty Treat Going Down Nicely

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Juicy Realm (PC) – A Tasty Treat Going Down Nicely

Juicy Realm (PC) - A Tasty Treat Going Down Nicely

28th May 2018 – X.D. Network Inc., a leading China publisher working with SpaceCan, an indie Chinese developer are pleased to say that the Steam PC version of Juicy Realm released on 3rd May, which will be released on Nintendo Switch and Sony PS4 in August, is exciting gamers with its great graphics and action packed action.

https://store.steampowered.com/app/732370/Juicy_Realm/, with a price of $9.99, £7.19, and €9.99.

To show off Juicy Realm, the great ‘in game’ frenzied shooter, the team present a special all action carnival of weapons, cast and hilarious gameplay that has captured the attention of gamers, since its release, who are looking for something different but exuding FUN!

In the world of Juicy Realm, the line between animals and plants is blurred to the extreme. Plants have gained sentience—and limbs—and are now fighting humanity to top the food chain. It’s up to you to lead a team into the mysterious plant kingdom, defeating the foul fruit once and for all! The impressively delicate animation style, gorgeously rendered and distinctive graphics, add to the excitement and vitality of the Juicy Realm.


  • Tons of Weapons, Collectables and Top Down Action
  • Solo or Dual Play
  • Wacky Landscapes and Cast
  • Family Friendly/Hardcore Gamer Addictive
  • Plus lots more!

Juicy Realm’s world is so full of surprises and challenges, that the best bit is being ‘in’ the experience and overcoming and winning through…


For more information about Juicy Realm, please visit its Facebook and Twitter or keep an eye on its official Steam page.

Full PR on release

About SpaceCan
SpaceCan is an indie game developer team composed of two friends: Tyreal, an app developer/programmer, and Bibo X, a comic strip artist who once won the OACC (Golden Dragon Award Original Animation & Comic Competition) in China. Due to their passion for video games, they decided to embark on the path of game developers, after which they worked on Juicy Realm for two years in order to create the perfect gameplay experience. For more information, follow them on Twitter!


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