Mobile Online Battle Arena "Awesomenauts" (2012)

 Mobile Online Battle Arena “Awesomenauts” (2012)


 Mobile Online Battle Arena "Awesomenauts" (2012)

 Mobile Online Battle Arena "Awesomenauts" (2012)

So many MOBAs take an isometric or third person perspective, competing in the market is difficult as you really need to stand out. Enter Awesomenauts, an “awesome” new take on the genre. Utilizing a 2D perspective, Awesomenauts plays more like an action platformer, but still managing to use traditional MOBA elements.


Aside from the basics, Awesomenauts also manages to make use of its environment - creating traps, pitfalls, and other environmental hazards -a feature that many MOBAs lack. Starting out as a mere Xbox Live Arcade game, Awesomenauts has grown to have an awesome MOBA community all its own, and it’s 80’s cartoon style intro kicks ass.

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