eSports will become a $1.2 billion market

eSports will become a $1.2 billion market


eSports will become a $1.2 billion market

eSports will become a $1.2 billion market


eSports will become a $1.2 billion market Factor in the greater part of the players, mentors, supports, diversion makers, and promoters, and you have an eSports industry that is overflowed with moolah. So where's the cash originating from? While prize pools speak to critical money, the vast majority of the cash originates from patrons and publicists.

eSports will  $1.2 billion market

Coca-Cola has a sparkly manage Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends. Doritos, Red Bull, YouTube, Microsoft, and numerous other enormous name organizations are additionally guaranteeing a stake in the eSports business. Organizations can have occasions, run competitions, pay for mark arrangement, or support groups and competitors, picking up perceivability in one of the quickest developing businesses.

AFL to enter $1.2 billion eSports industry

It's more pop concert than sporting event – think enormous screens, elaborate lighting and hanging LED displays – but it could be the secret weapon to help the AFL lure millennials into its orbit.Professional video gaming, known as eSports, is already a $1.2 billion global industry with an annual audience of 239 million people mostly in the elusive 14-to-34-year age group.

Now the AFL is preparing to enter the burgeoning field in a bold bid to broaden the exposure of its brand and boost sponsorship revenue.



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