It may be tough to hear what the best MOBA is over your teammate shouting at you for picking the wrong hero. today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 MOBAs of all time.

For this list, we are looking through every Mobile Online Battle Arena, or MOBA for short, that has graced us throughout history. For those gamers who have been living under a rock for the last few years; a MOBA is where two teams must face off against one another to destroy the enemy’s base, with each team-member selecting their own unique heroes, all of which have a unique set of stats and abilities... as well as their own personality. These mechanics have to be at the core of the game, so games like Battleborn that feature a MOBA game-mode on the side, won’t be making the cut.

#10: "AirMech" (2012)

Herzog Zwei may be a name familiar to RTS players in the 80s and 90s, but to some gamers, it was the first MOBA in the gaming industry. So it’d only make sense to give it the modern remake one day. AirMech has players piloting their transforming robots known as AirMechs, to capture bases, build units, and destroy the enemy’s fortress. While AirMech started as a simple modern rendition of a classic, it has gone above and beyond - adding new robots, game-modes, and even ports to modern consoles! Utilizing a much more condensed strategic gameplay, With continued support from the developer, Airmech will be kicking -or in this case, flying- on for a long time.

#9: "Strife" (2015)

With the MOBA genre filled with hardcore competitive gamers, it can be hard to find one to ease into. Thankfully, S2 Games felt the same, and created Strife. With simplified combat mechanics, and changing up traditional MOBA features, Strife manages to create a “beginner’s MOBA” while still offering up fun and intense gameplay for veterans. Sharing gold acquired from minion kills manages to not only promote team-work, but prevents new players from falling behind, while new features like combat pets help to set Strife apart from the pile. Of course, this isn’t the only MOBA S2 Games has created…

#8: "Paragon" (2016)

With seemingly everyone jumping on the MOBA bandwagon, it was only a matter of time before Epic Games joined the party. Having success with other multiplayer games like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, it seemed only natural for them to dive into the new competitive multiplayer scene. Paragon introduces new elements to the MOBA genre in the form of cards, where players are able to customize loadouts before the game and utilize the loadouts while playing with the in-game shop. This allows for a greater focus on its combat, which capitalizes more on skill with aiming, and mastering when to use your abilities.

#7: "Heroes of Newerth" (2010)

Before offering a more simplistic MOBA experience, S2 Games threw their own into the ring in the form of Heroes of Newerth. Taking heavy inspiration from Defense of the Ancients, Heroes of Newerth is an homage to the classic MOBAs. Taking advantage of new technology, Heroes of Newerth pioneered certain MOBA features such as stat tracking, leaving penalties, in-game voice chat, and a user friendly hero selection. Utilizing the Savage universe of previous S2 Games’ titles, the heroes and battlegrounds breathe more life and story into the Newerth world. While development has shifted to a new studio, Heroes of Newerth continues to be a welcoming MOBA to those who desire more of the classics.

#6: "Awesomenauts" (2012)

So many MOBAs take an isometric or third person perspective, competing in the market is difficult as you really need to stand out. Enter Awesomenauts, an “awesome” new take on the genre. Utilizing a 2D perspective, Awesomenauts plays more like an action platformer, but still managing to use traditional MOBA elements. Aside from the basics, Awesomenauts also manages to make use of its environment - creating traps, pitfalls, and other environmental hazards -a feature that many MOBAs lack. Starting out as a mere Xbox Live Arcade game, Awesomenauts has grown to have an awesome MOBA community all its own, and it’s 80’s cartoon style intro kicks ass.

#5: "Defense of the Ancients" or “DotA

Who knew that a mod would eventually lead to one of the biggest gaming genres of the decade? Well, I suppose the guys who designed the original Counter Strike did but hey. Starting out as a mod on the original Starcraft before transitioning to Warcraft 3 as just a map, many hail this simple mod as the first spark leading to the raging fire of the MOBA genre as a whole. Many core elements that MOBAs use today such as the three laned system, 5v5 combat, unique characters, and a mix of PvP and PvE elements can be attributed to the creation of this mod. While its player base has dwindled, DotA is still played today, and is viewed as a classic.

#4: "Heroes of the Storm

What do you get when you forcibly grab various heroes and villains out from their respective universes and throw them together? No not you Super Smash Bros. this isn’t your list; this rank belongs to Heroes of the Storm. Brought together by the Nexus, characters from every Blizzard franchise team up to fight and take down their enemy’s base as per MOBA norm. Of course, the Nexus didn’t just pull in characters, but entire areas, reshaping them into battlegrounds each with their own unique objective. From stone dragons, to carnivorous plants, to gathering treasure for a greedy pirate, the variety in gameplay Heroes of the Storm boasts is second to none... though I guess in this case it is 4th to one.

#3: "Smite" (2014)

Like the strategy of MOBAs, but crave a little more in-your-face excitement? Well, the gods haves answered your prayers. With Smite, every god, demi-god, and heroes of ancient legend form up teams to battle one another in various means of combat – all in an exciting 3rd person perspective. These legends spawn from every culture, from Hindu deities, to the Greek God, Zeus himself, nearly every ancient figure makes a stand. Once the new kid on the block with the funny camera angle, Smite’s gateway appeal to action oriented gamers as earned it a place amongst the big boys of the genre.

#2: "Dota 2" (2013)

A modern take on the MOBA that started it all, Dota 2 brings back all the heroes, mechanics, features and designs that made the original so great. With its recent addition of Underlord, Dota 2 has managed to bring back every hero from the original. While DotA 2 may retain nearly everything that made the original so great, new features like matchmaking, hero descriptions, match spectating, voice chat, and a graphical overhaul has kept the game fresh. For those looking for something other than classic mode, Dota 2’s new custom game overhaul has allowed new community-made maps, game modes, and so much more to keep the entire community entertained for quite a long time.

#1: "League of Legends" (2009)

If Dota started the MOBA genre, League of Legends brought the genre into modern times. From the mind of one of the original creators of Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends has become a MOBA all of its own with their own large character set. While it started as a close cousin to DOTA thanks to its three lane system, League of Legends has managed to evolve beyond being a “clone,” taking on its own identity through its vast character roster, various maps and modes, and helping to bring MOBAs into ESports. With a rising champion roster, new game-modes and major mechanical overhauls every year, League of Legends won’t be bowing down to another MOBA any time soon


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