Trump tweets details of his offer of relief to ZTE

Trump tweets details of his offer of relief to ZTE

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Trump tweets details of his offer of relief to ZTE

Trump tweets details of his offer of relief to ZTE

an offer of relief to ZTEi t Trump has uncovered some essential terms under which he says Chinese telecoms firm ZTE  can get out from under a U.S. boycott, however, they're light on detail as a result of his favored medium: Twitter.

"I shut it down then let it revive with abnormal state security ensures, change of administration and board, must buy U.S. parts and pay a $1.3 Billion fine," the president tweeted.

Prior, the organization revealed to Congress it had an arrangement that would spare the organization - and alongside that, its spending on U.S. parts from organizations including Acacia Communications and Oclaro

offer of relief to ZTE

Top Trump administration officials such as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had tried to separate the president's push to boost the telecommunications company from trade talks with China. Ross this week called it an "enforcement" issue, not a trade dispute.

Trump's public statements have muddled that message.

In a series of tweets Wednesday morning, the president said "there has been no folding" on his pledges to crack down on Chinese trade practices. He said high-level meetings on the U.S.-China trade relationship "haven't even started yet."

Trump also argued that the U.S. "has very little to give" in talks "because it has given so much over the years." He added: "China has much to give!"


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