“StarCraft II” (2010-15)

“StarCraft II” (2010-15)


“StarCraft II” (2010-15)


“StarCraft II” (2010-15)

Whether siding with Protoss, Terrans or Zerg, the enjoyable challenge of Blizzard's famed RTS exists for all players. Though the 1998 real-time strategy game “StarCraft” was a key title in professional gaming for years, its 2010 sequel proved to be a worthy successor.


The unique balance between all three playable races and the addition of new units for each made for a worthwhile change of pace. Along with its national acceptance in South Korea, “StarCraft II” has been featured in tournaments such as Dreamhack, Major League Gaming and even Blizzard's own World Championship Series.

The StarCraft II beta was a testing phase of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. It opened on February 17th, 2010[1] and closed on July 19th.

The purpose of a beta is to have a large number of users testing for bugs. Blizzard also used the beta to test StarCraft II's multiplayer balance. Blizzard expected to make changes once a week. In order to process the large volume of feedback, some information was collected by surveys


The release of StarCraft II had been delayed to mid-2010 to give adequate time to prepare battle.net. prepare battle.net..

The beta itself opened February 17, 2010 In April 2010 the Macintosh version of the beta became available.

After the initial wave of invites, which included both those who opted-in and those who received beta keys,[7]more players will be added when use drops or they need to test more users Blizzard did not release the beta in different regions individually, as they set up beta-testing infrastructure in each region

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