Smite Goddess Arachne

Smite Goddess Arachne

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Smite Goddess Arachne


Smite Goddess Arachne
Goddess Arachne This terrifying Greek creature is a pretty vicious foe, especially in the hands of sneaky players. She can lay eggs in the path of minions for some easy experience gain for starters, but she can also spear her enemies from afar with her web and bring them towards her.


Goddess Arachne

Combining this with her Drain Life ability is the real key, wherein she wraps herself around her prey and drains their health. Those that try to run are equally screwed as she can catch em like flies with her tangled web ability.

Once, a beautiful and talented weaver of cloth and fabric, a single prideful mistake made a monster of Arachne for all time.

With loom and thread, there were none more skilled than the mortal Arachne. Viewers traveled leagues just to see her art. So wondrous and majestic were her tapestries, it was said the spinner must have been instructed by the patron Goddess of Weavers herself, Athena. To this comparison, Arachne proudly scoffed, claiming not even the Gods rivaled her talent at weaving.

When Athena heard this, disguised as a crone, she visited Arachne and encouraged her to show proper respect to the Gods. Arachne dismissed the old woman and issued a challenge that no God, not even Athena, could weave better than she. Furious, Athena revealed herself and accepted the challenge.





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