New eSports league Overwatch attracting more traditional sponsors

New eSports league Overwatch attracting more traditional sponsors


New eSports league Overwatch attracting more traditional sponsors


New eSports league Overwatch attracting more traditional sponsors

New eSports league Overwatch The new high-tech world of eSports begins to look like professional sports in stick and ball. The new Activision Blizzard Overwatch League could be a model of what this fast-growing company looks like to go from the front.

Like the NFL, NBA or MLB, the new Overwatch is a sports league based in a city, even though it is global. There are a dozen teams competing worldwide, from New York, Los Angeles and Boston to Shanghai, Seoul and London. There is a regular season, standings, statistics, all-star weekend, playoffs and finals.

Sport fills arenas in major cities that usually host NBA or NHL games. The league finals, for example, are scheduled for July 27-28 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, which hosted the NBA Star Weekend in 2015

Like their more traditional counterparts, eSport leagues like Overwatch attract top-notch sponsors like Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, T-Mobile and Intel.

The Secret Sauce: Gambling is becoming another "global language" for millennial consumers, said Daniel Cherry, marketing director of Activision.

New eSports league Overwatch

"Basically, global languages are math and music, I think gambling becomes the third global language among the millennial generation," said Cherry. "So the leading brands are trying to figure out how to overcome the fragmentation of the media. There are not many places where you have rich content, highly engaged consumers, interactivity at the level that you have via digital platforms like gaming and eSports and the living aspect of traditional sports. "

This global reach allows sponsors to reach younger international consumers in delusional regions such as Southeast Asia.

"We are really a world league," said Cherry. "There are not many opportunities where a brand can tap into a global market – and a global consumer as engaged as ours."

Here is another difference: players can watch the stars train. You do not have to watch the NFL Cowboys' strap on the leggings and the scrum. But you can broadcast players and teams that practice in the League Overwatch.

Noted Cherry: "All aspects of our league can be tackled digitally and reviewed in real time, I think brands like that, there are so many possibilities to engage beyond that." traditional arena or in the active park. "

Media fees for e-sports are still minimal compared to traditional leagues. Overwatch has won the largest copyright contract in the history of electronic sport through its two-year, $ 90 million streaming deal with . Compare that with the $ 7 billion that the NFL earns each year in televised money.


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