“Infinite Crisis” (2015)

“Infinite Crisis” (2015)


“Infinite Crisis” (2015)



“Infinite Crisis” (2015)

We haven’t seen a potential eSport title flop as hard as this one. Allowing players to take control of their favorite DC heroes and villains, this MOBA suffered not just from a generic formula, but releasing in an oversaturated market, just like “Umbrella Corps” and “LawBreakers”.



There’s already “League of Legends,” “DotA 2,” and “Heroes of the Storm” - just to name a few. Players just weren’t interested, even if we got to play as Batman or Supergirl. With a low player base, “Infinite Crisis” was forced to shut down its servers merely five months after its release. Our DC favorites deserved more, and we were let down.


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