Look, not every game has to become a competitive sport.today, we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Games That Failed as eSports.

For this list, we aren't looking at games that are boring to watch or anything, but games that tried a little too hard to break into the scene and fell flat on their face.

#5: “Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight” (2010)

Real-time strategy games have always had a place in eSports, thanks, in part, to games like “StarCraft.” So, a game from the “Command & Conquer” series - which once had a pretty major foothold in pro gaming - should be a shoe-in, right? Well, yeah, if they hadn’t gone and changed the game’s core elements. “Tiberium Twilight” opted to increase the pacing of the game, which ultimately backfired. Critics and fans have gone to say “Tiberian Twilight” had changed the formula so much that it’s barely anything like the series’ past titles. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you kill a beloved franchise.

#4: “LawBreakers” (2017)

We’ll admit “LawBreakers” looked cool and all, but it’s quickly fallen victim to the same issue as many other games; we already have hero shooters. We already have an “Overwatch”. We already have a “Team Fortress 2”. We already have a “Paladins”. Unfortunately, the game has come out at a time where hero shooters have been oversaturated and everyone is trying to cash in. We admire the confidence in game director Cliff Bleszinski on keeping the game alive, but with a low player base and too many other competitors, “LawBreakers” may not be around much longer.

#3: “Evolve” (2015)

Team-based games tend to be at the center of eSports, with games like “Counter-Strike” and “League of Legends” requiring communication and cooperation. So, how exactly do you keep an eSport balanced when the game is 1 against 4? Well, someone out there must have figured out the bracket issues. That confusion aside, “Evolve” is also just not as appealing of an eSport as many of the other mainstream titles, which have concepts viewers can get a hold of quickly and are just prettier to look at. Months after the game was announced to be transitioning to a free-to-play model in 2016, 2K ended support for this title. Don’t expect an “Evolve 2” anytime soon.

#2: “Umbrella Corps” (2016)

No, no, no, no, no! This is all wrong! “Resident Evil” does not need a place in competitive gaming. Capcom’s horror series has been known as some of gaming’s scariest titles. So, how does this game try to translate into an eSport? For a “Resident Evil” title, it can’t. “Umbrella Corps” quickly became a run of the mill team-based FPS, only with added zombies for a bit of variety. What’s worse is that “Umbrella Corps” was plagued with technical issues, and its gameplay was too chaotic for anyone to follow. At least the series has gone back to its roots now.

#1: “Infinite Crisis” (2015)

We haven’t seen a potential eSport title flop as hard as this one. Allowing players to take control of their favorite DC heroes and villains, this MOBA suffered not just from a generic formula, but releasing in an oversaturated market, just like “Umbrella Corps” and “LawBreakers”. There’s already “League of Legends,” “DotA 2,” and “Heroes of the Storm” - just to name a few. Players just weren’t interested, even if we got to play as Batman or Supergirl. With a low player base, “Infinite Crisis” was forced to shut down its servers merely five months after its release. Our DC favorites deserved more, and we were let down.


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