10 Smite Goddesses

10 Smite Goddesses


10 Smite Goddesses



10 Smite Goddesses

To call them god-like would still be an understatement.  today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Goddesses in Smite.

Just in case you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re only focusing on the female characters in the game. We’re ranking them based on their combat style, design, and on our personal experience. We’re also going to avoid using as much MOBA lingo as possible.

#10: Hel

Kicking off our list is the two faced Norse Goddess that will quote “Take care of you” depending on what form she’s in. Capable of switching between a healer and long ranged mage at the push of a button, Hel’s an ideal choice for the player who can’t quite decide if they want to protect or destroy. Plus, she’s Loki’s Daughter, so she’s picked up a few crazy traits from her family.

#9: Isis

The Egyptian Goddess of Magic, her main weapons are her wings which can shoot multiple bolts of magic at her opponents. Her best ability comes in the form of her wind gusts which can be used as both a pursuing or as an evasive cover attack, plus her healing and damage protective staff makes her an ideal supporting character for any match.

#8: Bastet

Another Egyptian Goddess, the feisty kitty’s main pounce ability is the perfect jump in/jump out move for scratching apart anyone unlucky enough to be pounced on by her … pounce ability. Along with her ability to summon 3 jungle cats to hunt down enemy Gods, this cat is ideal for first time players who prefer their combat at close range. Insert witty cat pun here.

#7: Chang’e

The Chinese Goddess of the Moon, Chang’e graceful dancing is weaponised for deadly encounters. Her Cresent Moon Dance only has a 5 second cooldown making it ideal for rapid usage against minions. And she also has something we’d like to have in real life: a pet rabbit that literally runs to the store to purchase items for you from anywhere on the field. I wonder if he’d get asked for I.D. if we sent him for beer…

#6: Freya

The Norse Queen of the Valkyries, Freya is an ideal choice for players looking for a deadly swordfighter. She can make her sword go ballistic with rapid strikes, or have it can shoot magic bolts for a jack-of-all trades situation. Pro-tip, if you’re fighting against her and she starts flying, word of advice: Run! This move deals immense damage and she can’t be hit while she’s in the air.

#5: Arachne

This terrifying Greek creature is a pretty vicious foe, especially in the hands of sneaky players. She can lay eggs in the path of minions for some easy experience gain for starters, but she can also spear her enemies from afar with her web and bring them towards her. Combining this with her Drain Life ability is the real key, wherein she wraps herself around her prey and drains their health. Those that try to run are equally screwed as she can catch em like flies with her tangled web ability.

#4: Athena

The Greek Goddess of Wisdom is an ideal choice for those players who like to go in charging in headfirst, which is quite literally what 2 of her special abilities are. Her preemptive Strike makes her dash through every minion in her path, while her Defender of Olympus ability launches her into the air and brings her crashing down to help her friends and blow her enemies apart.

#3: Neith

While her choice of outfit, or lack there of, is questionable for a battle, there’s no denying how easy she is to use, especially for first time players. No pun intended. From an attack that also doubles as an evasive move with her backflip, to the ever so satisfying ability to snipe fleeing enemies, Neith can manage any battle with ease. Plus she also dances to Caramelldansen, … because … err … you know … Egyptian goddesses like dancing, duh.

#2: Nu Wa

The Chinese Guardian of Heaven, Nu Wa harnesses the elements of nature for her attacks. Her best ability is her Earth attack where she can summon Clay Soldiers to back her up in battle, or to distract enemies while fleeing from conflict. Also when she uses all 4 of her abilities in succession; By her powers combined she become Captain Pl … err … actually A Serpent. But a powerful serpent at that.

#1: Artemis

Taking the top spot is the illegitimate daughter of Zeus and the goddess of hunting. Deadly with a bow, Artemis is capable of pulling together powerful combo’s for wiping out her foe’s with ease. Notably: trapping her opponent with her Transgressors Fate ability, then pummelling her foe with Vengeful Assault for simple and effective means of execution. And if they run: she can summon a Boar or fire a volley to catch her prey. Artemis also gets extra points for wearing armor that looks relatively functional.

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