#10: “Smite” (2014)

#10: “Smite” (2014)


#10: “Smite” (2014)


#10: “Smite” (2014)

Let the gods and goddess battle for our entertainment. A multiplayer online battle arena game, or MOBA for short, “Smite” pits two teams of three to five against one another in a battle for dominance.

Odyssey 2015 was an event introduced with SMITE Version 1.0.2268.2, the patch released on August 19, 2014 and ended on January 9, 2015. The Odyssey was an event used to promote the SMITE World Championship 2015.



Over the course of several months, Hi-Rez released a new Cosmetic item each week, up to the World Championships in Atlanta on January 9, 2015. Every Odyssey item purchased contributed $1 per 200 gems towards the Championship prize pool. Players could also obtain limited edition Odyssey rewards by unlocking certain numbers of Odyssey items. These limited edition items were only available in this event. Additionally, every item purchase would grant a free Odyssey Treasure Chest.



With the first Smite World Championships being hosted from January 2015, the game's blend of moment-to-moment MOBA strategy and intense 3rd person gameplay is steadily gaining a place in eSports. It can certainly pay well; the Championships had a prize pool of around $2.6 million, at the time the third-highest in eSports




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