Lyft to invest $100M in driver support hubs

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Lyft to invest $100M in driver support hubs

Lyft to invest $100M in driver support hubs


(LYFT) will put $100M in its driver bolster focuses to incorporate oil changes, electric auto charging, auto rentals, and general driver help.

The organization has 15 bolster center points around the US and would like to twofold that by the end of the year.


Lyft is hoping it can help its drivers with some of these issues. The company said Wednesday it's investing $100 million to build roughly 30 driver support centers across the US. At these centers, drivers can get oil changes at a "heavy discount," have help with their taxes and talk to Lyft's support team in person, among other perks.

"We'll help drivers make a greater profit by reducing their costs, and providing education on how to maximize their earnings," Lyft COO Jon McNeill wrote in a blog post.

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