#3: Natus Vincere & Alliance

#3: Natus Vincere & Alliance

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#3: Natus Vincere & Alliance

#3: Natus Vincere & Alliance

Natus Vincere & Alliance It can be hard for a few people to sit through “Dota” competitions. In any case, when you have two groups like Na’Vi and Alliance going head to head, things get nerve-destroying. Obviously, we’re particularly talking about the 2013 International Three Grand Championship.

Natus Vincere & Alliance


All through the close to 45-minute long match, everybody was nervous until the point that Na’Vi figured out how to bring home the gold. This was the match numerous recollect as “El Clasico”, and it’s a match nobody will ever overlook. While the two associations have experienced list changes from that point forward, regardless they remain the best groups inside the “Dota” people group.




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