#1: Mang0 & Armada

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#1: Mang0 & Armada



#2: Daigo Umehara & Justin Wong

Mang0 & Armada We knew a “Raving success Bros” competition would have been some place on the rundown, isn’t that so? As engaging as it was seeing ZeRo and Ally clash, we can’t overlook the frantic battles between Joseph “Mango” Marquez and Adam “Naval force” Lindgren.

Mang0 & Armada


The tricky off a few times amid the 2009 Genesis competition, which would commence their extreme contention for the years to come. Notwithstanding Mango being viewed as the world’s best “Skirmish” player, Armada has a couple of triumphs against the “Crush Bros” titan. Notwithstanding the score, it’s constantly difficult to tell who will prove to be the best.

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