#5: Flash & Jaedong

#5: Flash & Jaedong

May 22, 2018 0 By FandomFare

#5: Flash & Jaedong


 5 eSports Rivalries


Flash & Jaedong With regards to “Starcraft” competitions, they can be somewhat difficult to take after. You got cursors flying all over the place, menus flying in and out, it’s a wreck… Yet, there’s something amazingly captivating when Lee “Glimmer” Young Ho and Lee Jae Dong begin playing.


These folks know precisely how they play, which is kind of terrifying, however it makes each match unusual. Exactly when you consider one them has the high ground, the diversion rapidly backpedals into a stalemate. Try not to be shocked on the off chance that you get yourself befuddled around one of their wild systems. Believe us, they recognize what they’re doing…maybe… We aren’t completely certain ourselves, now and again.





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