#4: Special Beam Cannon

#4: Special Beam Cannon

Video Games

#4: Special Beam Cannon

Dragon Ball Attacks


#4: Special Beam Cannon

Special Beam Cannon Hello, it slaughtered Goku, that is sufficiently extraordinary for us. While Piccolo surely has no lack of novel ki-based assaults available to him, it’s this vitality wave that has stayed with him most all through the arrangement, and served him somewhat well simultaneously.


While it may not look as amazing as a portion of the more extensive ki impacts, it was sufficiently solid to slice through both Goku and Raditz, and has figured out how to in any event wound a few adversaries a short time later. It was likewise one of Imperfect Cell’s favored duplicated moves, with the goal that must mean something!


Every Special Beam Cannon/Makankōsappō/”Light of Death” in Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT. I placed them in order from how I believe they fit in the entire history timeline.




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