#4: OpTic Gaming & FaZe Clan

May 22, 2018 0 By FandomFare

#4: OpTic Gaming & FaZe Clan


#4: OpTic Gaming & FaZe Clan

OpTic Gaming & FaZe Clan This is one war that simply doesn’t appear to end. These two groups have gone head to head in various “Obligation at hand” competitions, every one being more sensational than the last. The two groups know how to utilize maps further bolstering their good fortune, and they know how to pull off some amazing shots.


OpTic Gaming & FaZe Clan

It’s no big surprise they’ve figured out how to make it to finals on in excess of a couple of events. In case you’re needing to see more activity outside of “Obligation at hand”, OpTic and FaZe have played some solid diversions in “Counter-Strike” competitions, too. Hello, perhaps we can get a couple of pointers from watching them play, eh?




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