#9: Justin Bieber (2012)

#9: Justin Bieber (2012)


#9: Justin Bieber (2012)

10 Best Billboard Music Awards Performances


#9: Justin Bieber (2012)


Justin Bieber Furthermore, when we say the Billboard Music Awards are typically brimming with fun and enthusiastic exhibitions, this is precisely what we’re discussing. Bieber put on one serious demonstrate that included fireworks, a mist machine, loads of arranged move moves, and reinforcement artists dressed as jokesters and wearing shine oblivious ensembles.

Justin Bieber

Bieber is as irresistibly fun as ever, particularly when he’s skipping around in front of an audience, shaking hands with the fans, and driving the artists in the execution’s huge peak . There’s no denying that the Biebs is a fantastic performer.


Almost everyone interviewed for this piece got the memo about a more mature Bieber. The most recognizable teenager in the world turned 18 on March 1, after all, and this is a pivotal moment as he aims to make the leap from tween heartthrob to enduring icon.

One key person, however, bristles when asked about that transition – his manager, Scott “Scooter” Braun, the maverick who famously found Bieber on the Internet at age 13 and, together with Usher, signed him to a joint deal through Raymond Braun Media Group. “Adult artist? Just because he’s legal now doesn’t mean he’s an adult,” Braun says. “He still needs guidance; he’s still finding his way. He’s no longer a boy, but he’s definitely not yet a man.” And his music, image and how he carries himself – spontaneous bursts of moonwalking and all – reflect that, Braun says.




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