#2: “The Last Guardian” (2016)

#2: “The Last Guardian” (2016)

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#2: “The Last Guardian” (2016)



#2: “The Last Guardian” (2016)

The Last Guardian From Japan Studio comes an unforgettable story of comradeship, trust and extraordinary adventures in a strange, mystical land. When a young boy meets a colossal, mysterious creature named Trico, the pair form a deep, unbreakable bond that will help them survive amongst the crumbling ruins and malevolent dangers that surround them.

The Last Guardian

Announced in 2009. Kept hush-hush for years. Fears of cancellation circa 2012-2013. Re-revealed in 2015 and finally released in 2016. You’d think after all that buildup, “The Last Guardian” would have been a huge hit, right? While it is seen as a great PS4 exclusive overall, the years of development hell probably created some bad blood amongst wider audiences,


leaving only the most die-hard fans interested in the project by the time it eventually rolled around. That and being released amongst a busy holiday season for video games, as already mentioned in this video, led to modest sales and making this possibly the last that we’ll ever hear about this guardian moving forward.




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